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1girl animal_hat artist_request blush braid breasts collar fang frills hat lupusregina_beta maid one_eye_closed overlord_(maruyama) red_hair simple_background smile solo translation_request twin_braids v yellow_eyes 2girls animal_hat armor armored_dress artist_request black_eyes black_hair blush braid breasts collar frills hat lupusregina_beta maid maid_headdress narberal_gamma overlord_(maruyama) red_hair ribbon twin_braids yellow_eyes 1girl animal_hat artist_request axe boots braid breasts collar detached_sleeves frills goblin hat hat_ribbon long_skirt long_sleeves lupusregina_beta maid monster moon multiple_boys night one_eye_closed overlord_(maruyama) pointy_ears puffy_sleeves red_hair spread_arms thighhighs twin_braids weapon 1girl animal_hat blush braid breasts chibi collar dark_skin frills hat long_hair lupusregina_beta maid maid_apron overlord_(maruyama) red_hair simple_background smile solo sparkle tamagona translated twin_braids yellow_eyes 1girl animal_hat apron bone child 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