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1girl :d arm_support arm_warmers blonde_hair bobby_socks bridge green_eyes happy highres japanese_clothes knees_together_feet_apart looking_at_viewer mary_janes mizuhashi_parsee open_mouth parted_lips pigeon-toed pointy_ears robe scarf shoes skirt smile socks solo touhou uranaishi_(miraura) 1girl bangs bare_legs barefoot belt black_hair blue_sky breasts bridge building city collarbone dress earrings fantasy feet female full_body grass hands_on_hips highres jewelry light_smile long_hair looking_to_the_side necklace original parted_bangs shadow short_dress short_sleeves signature sky skyscraper smile solo standing summer toes traditional_clothes tree yellow_dress  1girl 3koma ahoge backpack bag blue_sky bridge cloud cloudy_sky comic dress guard_rail highres horizon horns house kantai_collection long_hair mittens mountain non_non_biyori northern_ocean_hime parody river riverbank road scenery shinkaisei-kan sky solo telephone_pole translation_request tree tsukemon walking white_dress white_hair white_skin  2girls blue_sky bridge chain-link_fence cloud copyright_request day denim fence flower from_below from_ground grass ground_vehicle highres jeans leaf leaning_back leaning_on_object multiple_girls outdoors pants plant railroad_crossing railroad_signal shirt sign sky smile solo solo_focus stairs standing sunflower teikoku_shounen train upper_body v_arms vines yellow_shirt  1boy 1girl bead_necklace benkei book_stack bridge comic full_moon genderswap genderswap_(mtf) highres hood japanese_clothes kariginu minamoto_no_yoshitsune minato_hitori monochrome moon naginata original polearm ponytail scan translation_request weapon  1boy 1girl benkei book_stack bridge cherry_blossoms comic full_moon genderswap genderswap_(mtf) highres hood japanese_clothes kariginu katana minamoto_no_yoshitsune minato_hitori monochrome moon naginata original polearm ponytail scan sweat sword translation_request weapon 1boy 1girl barefoot bird bridge city_lights dark dress hand_holding highres 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