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 1boy aquarium black_hair coat coral fish from_behind hand_in_pocket hat jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken kuujou_joutarou male_focus rin2010 solo star stingray  1boy earrings headband heaven's_door jewelry jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken kishibe_rohan male_focus monochrome pointing rin2010 stand_(jojo) traditional_media upper_body  1boy bag contrapposto earrings hand_in_pocket handbag headband jacket jewelry jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken kishibe_rohan male_focus monochrome necktie pen rin2010 smile solo traditional_media  1boy blonde_hair blue_eyes character_name copyright_name crystal earrings gakuran hierophant_green jewelry jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken kakyouin_noriaki male_focus scarf school_uniform solo stand_(jojo) tentacle wenny02 white_scarf  2boys blonde_hair brown_hair caesar_anthonio_zeppeli facial_mark fang fingerless_gloves gloves green_eyes grin headband highres jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken joseph_joestar_(young) male_focus multiple_boys one_eye_closed patterned_background rin2010 scarf smile 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